WIVACE 2012 will offer researchers in Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Life and Complex Systems a chance to present their results in a collaborative environment, in which knowledge can be shared based on a multidisciplinary approach to the study and modeling of natural biological processes. The workshop will include oral sessions, a poster session, invited talks and a discussion panel.

We invite contributions about the theory and applications of Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life, with special regard to the study of the complex processes studied by these disciplines and, in particular, to the following non-exhaustive list of topics:

  • Applications of Bio-inspired Algorithms
  • Bio-inspired Computational Paradigms
  • Bio-inspired Robotics
  • Complex System Biology
  • Emergent Behaviours
  • Evolutionary Systems’ Dynamics
  • Financial/Economical Systems
  • Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Hybrid Optimization Algorithms
  • Models of Collective Behaviour
  • Parallel Implementation of Bio-inspired Models
  • Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems
  • Self-organising Systems
  • Swarm Intelligence e Artificial Ant Systems
  • System Biology